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Hello. My name is Dave Blackman. Welcome to my Vienna regulators.com web site. A Vienna Regulator makes a wonderful addition to your home.  They were made with painstaking care by old world craftsmen. You have to see these clocks in person to appreciate them! In the USA, they are called Vienna regulators, but in the UK (among other places) they are usually called Vienna wall clocks.

Today they generally just don't make things with the beauty and quality of these antique Vienna regulators. However, there are very high quality reproduction Vienna regulators being made today and often passed off as "original". Sometimes these have old movements, sometimes these have old looking "new" movements. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful before you buy!

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I am a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).  This organization promotes the science of watches and clocks.  It has regional and local meetings, which usually include an exchange of knowledge (lectures) and a "Mart".

If you would like to know more about the different styles of antique Vienna Regulator clocks follow the link below. This information is compliments of Dr. Phil Rasch. To contact Dr. Rasch directly, you can use this link: mailto:prasch@sbcglobal.net.)

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I am always interested in acquiring quality Vienna Regulators, and I usually have a couple of nice antique clocks on my "FOR SALE" pages.  As I "upgrade" my collection of antique clocks, I have to part with one now and again.  I would especially be interested in aquiring a Miniature, Beidermeier, or Serpentine.  I really only collect weight driven clocks, although there are some spring driven clocks on the FOR SALE pages. E-Mail me if you have something to sell, a question about a clock you may have, or just to "chat" about Vienna Regulators.

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Do you have a Vienna regulator, but you aren't sure how to get it up and running?

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Three different styles of Vienna Regulators are shown below. The picture on the left is an 8 day running 3 weight biedermeier Vienna regulator, probably made about 1855 by a Viennese clockmaker named Conrad Brodsky. The middle picture is an altdeutsch style, 31 day running Vienna regulator with a built in Calendar, made about 1875 by the Austrian, Gebruder Resch factory, commonly designated as a "Remember" clock because of it's trademark. The clock on the right is an unsigned single weight, 8 day, serpentine Vienna regulator, probably made about 1865.

Biedermeier Vienna Regulator  Calendar Vienna Regulator  Serpentine Vienna Regulator


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